Photo101: Streets

Streets are magical, as anything can happen there, at any time of the day. I have plenty of street shots and it was very difficult to decide what to post. I chose three that drew my attention:


This first photo captures some teenagers crossing the street, a car waiting at the traffic light, some other people, cars parked in the parking lot and more activity in the background. A busy working day.

I liked how the girls, in this photo, wear the same kind of anorak, maybe part of their school uniform and their hair looks similar (could be sisters). And this I noticed only after I  downloaded the photos in my PC. That is the beauty of street photography. It creates stories.


“What you’re looking at?”

This second shot is quite crowed but the main element stands out pretty clear.


The third photo is quite opposite from the first two. I wanted to capture the quiet night and the empty streets, disturbed only by some cars approaching.

These photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix L840 and a Canon 700D (18-55 mm lens).