52 weeks challenge (II)


Week 2: Sooc- Straight out of camera

I love watching the patterns the ice make on windows on the cold winter days. This year I had the chance to grab them on camera.

The love for ice and cold

Week 3– Artistic: Land

Landscape photography is not something I am really good at, but I do my best to surprise the feeling I had when I shot the picture. This one for me is about memories, about love and loss, about a young age that is never coming back.

The land of my childhood


Week 4– Story: Mirror

We can look at things from different angles and still see the whole picture. Perspective is subjective.

Mirrors, mirrors tell a story

Photo101: Scale & Observation

I hope you like stories, because for today’s assignment, I chose to tell you a story 🙂

The story of a little snowman

Once upon a time, when the winter was gone, a lost snowman, was trying his luck in the world

The little lost snowman

He was hiding from the sun in a shady place, but couldn’t stay there any longer…

omul de zapada1
Hidden from the heat

I tried to stop him, explaining he shouldn’t go into the sun…


…but he didn’t wanna hear about it. He said he can’t hide from the sun any longer. So I let him go, respecting his wish…

The sun was so strong, he felt like in an oven.burned snowman

While he was roasting there, he had a thought to leave his body and go to a better place.

hdr om de zapada

And so he did. He might be still living today in a cold place, where snow never melts, because the sun is not strong enough.

The End