Happiest Day

I knew photography was special to me in a way words cannot explain. I knew that, the moment I held my camera for the first time. I felt whole, like never before. I felt complete. And today, I know the feeling was real. I know this is part of me, the part that needed to be discovered, the part that was crying to be heard. And I listened to it. Glad I did.

Today I won. My first photography award. It’s not much,  2nd Place in National Award at Sony World Photography Awards but it’s the world to me in terms of photography. I knew this was an award winning photograph the moment I took it, but never dreamt so big. After all, I started photography exactly 1 year and 1 month ago and this is a great and wonderful surprise.

For the whole gallery here is the website: https://www.worldphoto.org/sony-world-photography-awards/winners-galleries/2017/national-awards/2nd-place

52 weeks challenge (II)


Week 2: Sooc- Straight out of camera

I love watching the patterns the ice make on windows on the cold winter days. This year I had the chance to grab them on camera.

The love for ice and cold

Week 3– Artistic: Land

Landscape photography is not something I am really good at, but I do my best to surprise the feeling I had when I shot the picture. This one for me is about memories, about love and loss, about a young age that is never coming back.

The land of my childhood


Week 4– Story: Mirror

We can look at things from different angles and still see the whole picture. Perspective is subjective.

Mirrors, mirrors tell a story

52 weeks (1)- Rule of Thirds

Best way to start a new year is with a photo challenge. Found this article on PetaPixel and decided to join Dogwood’s 52 weeks photo challenge straight away. This is the best way to practice and get outside your comfort zone. There is also a Facebook Group Dogwood 52 Photography Challenge and a Flickr one (Dogwood 2017) where you can post your work.

Here is my week 1 Rule of Thirds


This is the story of a misfit, caught in an environment it doesn’t belong to. It needs to adapt and adjust and realize that sometimes, beauty can arise even in the strangest of places.

Daily life

As a street photographer all you do is observing society and waiting for the decisive moment. Some days are better than others, because life just makes a show in front of your eyes, but I tend to believe a great photographer makes art from the most boring situations. Because he can recreate what he sees under an artistic view. This is what I strive to become, to make uninteresting things, interesting. After all, life is beautiful but it takes a good angle to see that.
Here is a shot I took today after some of the workers shouted to not take photos. I did it anyway, because I hate when people tell me I shouldn’t do something.

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