52 weeks challenge (II)


Week 2: Sooc- Straight out of camera

I love watching the patterns the ice make on windows on the cold winter days. This year I had the chance to grab them on camera.

The love for ice and cold

Week 3– Artistic: Land

Landscape photography is not something I am really good at, but I do my best to surprise the feeling I had when I shot the picture. This one for me is about memories, about love and loss, about a young age that is never coming back.

The land of my childhood


Week 4– Story: Mirror

We can look at things from different angles and still see the whole picture. Perspective is subjective.

Mirrors, mirrors tell a story

52 weeks (1)- Rule of Thirds

Best way to start a new year is with a photo challenge. Found this article on PetaPixel and decided to join Dogwood’s 52 weeks photo challenge straight away. This is the best way to practice and get outside your comfort zone. There is also a Facebook Group Dogwood 52 Photography Challenge and a Flickr one (Dogwood 2017) where you can post your work.

Here is my week 1 Rule of Thirds


This is the story of a misfit, caught in an environment it doesn’t belong to. It needs to adapt and adjust and realize that sometimes, beauty can arise even in the strangest of places.

WPC: Fun

Wednesday was a funny day. I decided to forget all about my street photography and do something else for a change. Here is what I came up with:

A day in the life of a random minion

Early morning…

HIP Photography. good morning fun
Good morning life! Let me see how the world looks like outside…
HIP Photography. in the shade
It seems great. An excellent day to enjoy the sun and the sea.
HIP Photography. fun1
Diving in the sand seems like the best idea in the world
HIP Photography. fun2
Time to get a tan.
HIP Photography. fun3
Moved closer to the water as it was getting too hot back there. I think I’ll have a nap.
HIP Photography. sunset gazing
Thank you sun for making my day amazing! Good night for now. See you tomorrow!

The End

It was a fun day, believe me :).


Little details

We always look for the big picture when in reality are the details that count. One early April morning, I woke up to see the sunrise and decided to do some macro photography using my macro extensions. One of the many photos I took, draw my attention, because it focused on details, the details on a snail shell. everything was out of focus, but the lines on the shell are quite interesting and sharp. That made me realize we rarely pay attention to the tiny details, and always admire everything as a whole.

details of snail shell