52 weeks challenge (II)


Week 2: Sooc- Straight out of camera

I love watching the patterns the ice make on windows on the cold winter days. This year I had the chance to grab them on camera.

The love for ice and cold

Week 3– Artistic: Land

Landscape photography is not something I am really good at, but I do my best to surprise the feeling I had when I shot the picture. This one for me is about memories, about love and loss, about a young age that is never coming back.

The land of my childhood


Week 4– Story: Mirror

We can look at things from different angles and still see the whole picture. Perspective is subjective.

Mirrors, mirrors tell a story

Little details

We always look for the big picture when in reality are the details that count. One early April morning, I woke up to see the sunrise and decided to do some macro photography using my macro extensions. One of the many photos I took, draw my attention, because it focused on details, the details on a snail shell. everything was out of focus, but the lines on the shell are quite interesting and sharp. That made me realize we rarely pay attention to the tiny details, and always admire everything as a whole.

details of snail shell

Let’s talk about… Fotomarathon

When I first started this blog it was merely to post my photographic work, but as time went by I realized I need to share my photographic experiences and mistakes with all of you.So here I am starting a new chapter that combines both words and images.

Today I am going to tell you all about my first Fotomarathon ever. Like most of you, I take pictures for fun, it’s a new hobby, but I want to learn more about it and become a paid photographer in the future. So the best way to challenge yourself is to participate in activities where professionals are involved. This might also have a downside if you lack confidence, but sometimes you have to be bold and go for it no matter what.

So after I found out about this photographic marathon, I took the day off, a pack of cigarettes (am not  smoker, but they boost my inspiration when stressed) and a pina colada (also for inspiration) and presented myself at the gathering point bright and early. I think I was one of the first ones there, which is unusual for me, as am always last arriving at work. But that’s the difference between work and hobby. So I was given a card with my name on it, which made me feel very proud (because I had the guts to participate in a photographic competition).

Cropped the name out as I like mystery

After waiting for nearly one hour under the shiny sun and losing a bit of patience, while sweating my inspiration out, we got the themes, for the marathon. There were 4 themes we had to complete in four hours: Day OffNew FaceStreet portrait, In & Out. We took a group photo and were off to find the best shot.

Here was were my trouble started. Instead of taking my kit lens as was used to them, since I shoot like 5000 shots in 3 months, I decided to go with my Nifty Fifty lens I bought just a few days before. Recipe for disaster is when you don’t know your gear. So my first advice would be to go with things you know best while in a competition or a paid photo shoot.

As for the themes, my brain functions just slightly abstract and so I chose to shoot things that aren’t as obvious. Plus I had a bit of a problem with light, because I decided to shoot in Manual Mode and I’m still learning. Somehow I forgot to switch to Manual focus and all my shots turned out to be different that what I expected. I couldn’t even see them properly so I went with mi=y guts for the choices.

Here they are:

Not the best choices, I’d agree with you, but I went with my guts. Here are some alternatives I thought about while deciding:

Day Off:

New Face:

Street Portrait:

In & Out

Overall, it was a great experience and would like to try it again. Plus it was the first time I made street portraits so it was stepping out of the comfort zone for the introvert in me. Even ended up with a free kilo of oranges from these two lovely vendors:


So what do you think? I would like to know which of these would you have chosen. Did any of you ever participated in a fotomarathon? Would like to hear all about it.

P.S. Except for the last one, which I had to crop, due to a pipe which was coming straight out of one of the men’s head (saw it after the shot), all the photos are unedited and uncropped.