Taking a chance

It is funny how a picture can change your whole perception about self as photographer. I know I am just a beginner amateur and even though I want to do this for the rest of my life, I have doubts. Am I good enough? Will I ever get paid and live out of photography? Will I ever get noticed in this vast world, that never stops taking pictures. After all, photography is nowadays a very common hobby.

I might never answer these questions, but the truth is I don’t want to give up, whatever the costs. If something makes you feel alive, you should give it all. Meanwhile I am concentrating on street photography and reflections. These are my main two themes for this summer.

This photo is one I made, few days after I received my Sony a6000 and I must admit I am very proud of it. Light and reflections are at their best in this shot. Don’t want to brag about it, but this is probably the only photo I am really proud of.

what can u see

Let’s talk about… Fotomarathon

When I first started this blog it was merely to post my photographic work, but as time went by I realized I need to share my photographic experiences and mistakes with all of you.So here I am starting a new chapter that combines both words and images.

Today I am going to tell you all about my first Fotomarathon ever. Like most of you, I take pictures for fun, it’s a new hobby, but I want to learn more about it and become a paid photographer in the future. So the best way to challenge yourself is to participate in activities where professionals are involved. This might also have a downside if you lack confidence, but sometimes you have to be bold and go for it no matter what.

So after I found out about this photographic marathon, I took the day off, a pack of cigarettes (am not  smoker, but they boost my inspiration when stressed) and a pina colada (also for inspiration) and presented myself at the gathering point bright and early. I think I was one of the first ones there, which is unusual for me, as am always last arriving at work. But that’s the difference between work and hobby. So I was given a card with my name on it, which made me feel very proud (because I had the guts to participate in a photographic competition).

Cropped the name out as I like mystery

After waiting for nearly one hour under the shiny sun and losing a bit of patience, while sweating my inspiration out, we got the themes, for the marathon. There were 4 themes we had to complete in four hours: Day OffNew FaceStreet portrait, In & Out. We took a group photo and were off to find the best shot.

Here was were my trouble started. Instead of taking my kit lens as was used to them, since I shoot like 5000 shots in 3 months, I decided to go with my Nifty Fifty lens I bought just a few days before. Recipe for disaster is when you don’t know your gear. So my first advice would be to go with things you know best while in a competition or a paid photo shoot.

As for the themes, my brain functions just slightly abstract and so I chose to shoot things that aren’t as obvious. Plus I had a bit of a problem with light, because I decided to shoot in Manual Mode and I’m still learning. Somehow I forgot to switch to Manual focus and all my shots turned out to be different that what I expected. I couldn’t even see them properly so I went with mi=y guts for the choices.

Here they are:

Not the best choices, I’d agree with you, but I went with my guts. Here are some alternatives I thought about while deciding:

Day Off:

New Face:

Street Portrait:

In & Out

Overall, it was a great experience and would like to try it again. Plus it was the first time I made street portraits so it was stepping out of the comfort zone for the introvert in me. Even ended up with a free kilo of oranges from these two lovely vendors:


So what do you think? I would like to know which of these would you have chosen. Did any of you ever participated in a fotomarathon? Would like to hear all about it.

P.S. Except for the last one, which I had to crop, due to a pipe which was coming straight out of one of the men’s head (saw it after the shot), all the photos are unedited and uncropped.