Lens-Artists Challenge #110 – Creativity in the Time of Covid

Tina from Travels and Triffles had a great idea of challenging us to post images during Covid. We are all going through difficult times and must admit it took me some time to get used to the severe lockdown we had here.

It has been tough and I hope we won’t go through another one like that. However, I tried to challenge my creativity during this time. I made a series with my Teddy:

Teddy expressing my state of mind

But, then I thought that looking only at the negative aspect of things, won’t make my life happier. So I tried to create a different narrative:

Everything is possible if you try

Lastly, I played with some frangipani flowers(some of my favourite) and beans, and the result was this:

The magic of the frangipani stalk

Here you can check my previous entry on Lens-Artist Challenge.

Was your creativity affected by this pandemic or did you try something new?


  1. Excellent images – so beautiful it is hard to leave it…I keep coming back. Frangipani as also one of my favourites. The hues, the blending of colours is amazing. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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