Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #109: Under the Sun

Reading The world is a book’s blog post this week I have decided it’s about time to post more pictures on this blog. I got distracted with Instagram, GuruShots and the sorts so I forgot about my little blog. It’s high time I give it some affection.

I love photographing during daytime, at f22 to get those sun/lens flares. Or living by the sea side, shooting during the day can give you interesting subjects. Not many will agree with me, but that is what I like. Here you can find some of my examples. For today’s images under the sun, I chose some I did the other day, this time it was a bit cloudy and around 10 am so the sun wasn’t straight above me. During this time of the year you should be a bit crazy to photograph in the middle of the day :).

I know, crazy colourful, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I guess this is kind of my style when it comes to landscape, outdoors stuff. I was also experiencing with a wide fish-eye lens, that’s why you get all the distortion.

Don’t forget to check the original post for this challenge and also participate.


  1. Reblogged this on Psychochromatic Redemption and commented:

    Well have just decided to participate in a photo challenge. I have neglected my photography blog for far too long, too busy with Instagram, GuruShots, ViewBug or 500px. But apparently today is the day to revive it once again. Hope you’ll enjoy the crazy colours.


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