Keep on walking

There are days when you feel like nothing you do is right, when you  are hopeless and lacking energy to move on. Those are the days when you need to put on your trainers, dress in conformable clothes and go for a walk. Listening to this in your headphones  ight help as well ( it sure helps me all the time). The world will reveal itself in all it’s splendor and your mood will change in an instant.

This picture was taken in a very early February morning and it evokes exactly the words I’ve written above. Sometimes all you need is a long walk.

Little details

We always look for the big picture when in reality are the details that count. One early April morning, I woke up to see the sunrise and decided to do some macro photography using my macro extensions. One of the many photos I took, draw my attention, because it focused on details, the details on a snail shell. everything was out of focus, but the lines on the shell are quite interesting and sharp. That made me realize we rarely pay attention to the tiny details, and always admire everything as a whole.

details of snail shell

Taking a chance

It is funny how a picture can change your whole perception about self as photographer. I know I am just a beginner amateur and even though I want to do this for the rest of my life, I have doubts. Am I good enough? Will I ever get paid and live out of photography? Will I ever get noticed in this vast world, that never stops taking pictures. After all, photography is nowadays a very common hobby.

I might never answer these questions, but the truth is I don’t want to give up, whatever the costs. If something makes you feel alive, you should give it all. Meanwhile I am concentrating on street photography and reflections. These are my main two themes for this summer.

This photo is one I made, few days after I received my Sony a6000 and I must admit I am very proud of it. Light and reflections are at their best in this shot. Don’t want to brag about it, but this is probably the only photo I am really proud of.

what can u see